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Archived Events

If you were not able to participate in a live event, you can access an archive of the entire presentation with audio and visual elements or you can download a separate audio file or PDF presentation from each event. Click on the archive and format you are interested in and follow the instructions for accessing the respective format below.

Instructions for accessing archives

Date Archive Video Audio
8 July 2014 Regina Brinker and the Arctic Sunlight and Microbial Interactions 2014 Expedition Watch on Youtube
27 June 2014 Lauren Watel and the Microbial Changes in Arctic Freshwater Expedition PolarConnect Event Watch on Youtube
16 June 2014 Emily Dodson and the Climate Change and Pollinators in the Arctic expedition Watch on Youtube
6 June 2014 2014-15 Arctic Pre-Field Webinar Watch on Youtube
5 June 2014 Andre Wille and the Arctic Ground Squirrel Studies 2014 Expedition Watch on Youtube
18 April 2014 Russell Hood and the Survey of Polar Ice 2014 Expedition Watch on Youtube
11 March 2014 Glenn Clark and the Totten Glacier System Expedition Watch on Youtube
25 February 2014 JASE Student Experience Webinar Watch on Youtube
14 January 2014 2014 Meet and Greet Webinar Watch on Youtube
19 November 2013 2013 Arctic Expedition Wrap-Up Watch on Youtube
24 October 2013 Lisa Seff on Bringing Polar Science to Classrooms and Communities Watch on Youtube
16 October 2013 Dr Steve Okkonen on the Oceanographic Conditions of Bowhead Whale Habitat Watch on Youtube
15 August 2013 2013-2014 Antarctic Logistics Webinar Watch on Youtube
13 August 2013 Mark Buesing and NASA IceBridge Watch on Youtube
7 August 2013 Jamie Esler and the Drumlin Formation in Iceland Expedition Watch on Youtube
16 July 2013 Bruce Taterka and Nell Kemp at Toolik Field Station Watch on Youtube
13 June 2013 Carol Scott and the Arctic Wetland Dynamics Watch on Youtube
9 May 2013 2013 End of Season Webinar Watch on Youtube
7 May 2013 2013 Arctic Logistics Webinar Watch on Youtube
30 April 2013 Tom Lane and Carbon Balance in Warming and Drying Tundra Watch on Youtube
24 April 2013 Brian DuBay and the use of multimedia of polar education Watch on Youtube
16 April 2013 Dr. Samantha Hansen and the tectonic history of the Transantarctic Mountains Watch on Youtube
28 January 2013 2013 Meet and Greet Webinar Watch on Youtube
3 December 2012 Antarctica Day 2012 with Michael LeBaron and the Wissard Expedition, McMurdo Station Watch on Youtube
9 November 2012 Alex Eilers and Outreach for Weddell Seal Science Watch on Youtube