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Maggie Prevenas


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Expeditions: Bering Ecosystem Study
Occupation: Teacher
Organization: Kalama Intermediate School

Maggie Prevenas teaches seventh grade science at Kalama Intermediate School on the island of Maui, Hawaii. She has a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction and has taught science and computer technology in Wisconsin, Oregon, and Hawaii. A recent National Board Certified teacher, Ms. Prevenas traveled to the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in 2005 and continues to develop creative educational materials related to her experience. Ms. Prevenas was participating in the BEST cruise as a joint PolarTREC and NOAA Teacher at Sea teacher.

Maggie Prevenas's Content

Title Type Last Updatedsort icon
How to Make Diatoms Activity 29 January 2014
Chill Out- All About Ice in the Bering Sea Lesson 17 October 2013
Bolus Dissection Activity 7 October 2013
Culture and Climate Change Web Link 20 February 2013
Drawing Diatoms like Ernst Haeckel Lesson 20 February 2013
Aleutians: Cradle of the Storms Activity 28 November 2011
Recess at 25 Below Lesson 19 November 2011
Ssssno Seals Lesson 24 October 2011
The Algae in the Ice Activity 22 October 2011
Shrunken Spotted Seal Measurement Fun Lesson 14 October 2011
Goodbye My Island Lesson 11 October 2011
Bering Sea Fabulous Food Chain Game Lesson 8 October 2011
Talk Story: A Native Way of Knowing Lesson 7 October 2011
Down to the Deep Virtual Lab Lesson 7 October 2011
Marine Debris Activity 28 January 2011
Make a Plankton Net Activity 28 January 2011
How To Make Puppets Activity 28 January 2011
Sea Algae Bookmark Activity 28 January 2011
Echo Song Activity 28 January 2011
The Ice Algae Grew All Around Activity 28 January 2011
Where Have All the Coral Gone? Activity 28 January 2011
Without Guano There's No Life Activity 28 January 2011
Title Reply Post date
What a cool adventure!

Aloha to you and the great people on the Healy!

What a cool mission you are on. I am following your posts and find them all very interesting. It is amazing to think that you are almost straight up from us, but the ocean is so much different. We are interested in what you are finding out...{read more}

August 12, 2010 - 7:16pm
symbiotic relationships? &

Hello Imani!

Goodness, although I never took a step in the tundra, I know that lichens do very well in a very cold environment. When I was in Antarctica, I saw lots and lots of lichens. Because there is little competition, except from other lichens, this tough life form does very well....{read more}

October 13, 2008 - 7:36am
Aloha to the multicore team

Hello Heather!

  You are truly living 'reefer madness' aren't you? Last year Bonnie was the poor polar parka pooba. I swear if I had to spend long times in zero temperatures I would slip those hand and feet warmers in my gear. You are one tough lady;)

  May I ask you to tell me...{read more}

July 12, 2008 - 12:10pm
Who's your roomies and what

Aloha Jillian!

Just wondering who is on the Healy to continue research this year? Last year we had a crew from Seattle that did zooplankton study (initially led by Dr. Jeff Napp), we had Kathy and Liz (and David who is now at Hawaii Pacific University here in the Islands) doing birds, Dr...{read more}

July 7, 2008 - 1:27pm
Galapagos penguins

Hi Lollie!

Just thought I would add a little bit about the farthest north nesting penguins, the Galapagos penguins. Yes there is a species of penguins that lives in the 'tropics', the Galapagos penguins. Penguins are considered southern hemisphere animals, but this variety has evolved to...{read more}

October 6, 2007 - 9:53am
Why are the parkas red?

Hi Mindy-

So why are the parkas you all wear down in Antarctica red? And why are the bellys of icebreakers red? Or is that a generality? Just wondering. Always wondering.



{read more}
September 29, 2007 - 11:46am
Yes, not all whalers follow traditions

Aloha Al-

It is true that not all subsistence hunters follow traditions. When I was on the Healy, and spoke with Lee, he told me not all whaling teams followed traditional methods and harpoons, even with traditional hunting guides, employ 'bombs' that explode on impact with the whale to...{read more}

September 22, 2007 - 11:22am
Spontaneous Generation

Hi Mary Anne-

Things rot so fast here, you can watch them decay.

I used to do an inquiry lab based on the old spontaneous generation experiment. The kids enjoyed it up to a point, the smells became overwhelming after just a few days. They don't forget it though.

I hope you...{read more}

August 13, 2007 - 9:02pm
Hawaii verses Brookings

Hi Jon!

Of course I remember you :)

As far as Hawaii verses Brookings.

Brookings, OR is right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean about 20 miles from the California town of Cresent City. It is beautifully cool, and carries the title, 'Home of Winter Flowers' It also grows lots...{read more}

July 24, 2007 - 9:01am
Hi Mr. Pittenger  What

Hi Mr. PittengerLaughing

What great questions! I need to do a little research on this one before I can answer. The research onboard the Healy was...{read more}

July 24, 2007 - 8:40am

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